Do You Need a Will?

estate planning attorney

The likely answer is “yes.” If you are single, don’t have children, have no financial assets, have no personal property of value, and don’t have a positive net worth, then you probably don’t need a will. For everyone else, the answer is “yes.” If you have minor children and die without a will, a court will select and appoint a guardian. If you have financial assets and die without a will, a court will divide the assets among your heirs per state law. If you have personal property of financial or sentimental value, a court will decide who receives this property. If you have a special needs child or elderly parents that you help care for and you die without a will, your assets may not be used in a manner that will assist these loved ones in the way you would have wanted. Seeking out a wills and trust lawyer, also known as an estate planning attorney, can help clarify these issues and assure your desires are legally met. Please contact us if you think now is a good time to get a will in place.